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// Introduction

Mafia is basically a card game, where the personality that you play depends on the card that you draw.

There are three different characters:
1) Mafia
2) Pleb
3) Assassin

The number of each depends, where there are most plebs, then mafia, and only one assassin.

Each character has various roles. For a very simple explanation:
1) The Mafia know who each other are. They plot together to kill off all the plebs, but primarily the assassin, who is able to kill them.
2) The Plebs do not know who each other are, nor do they know who the mafia are. It is the aim of each pleb to form allies with fellow plebs, and then ultimately kill off all the mafia.
3) The Assassin works alone, and in secret, and must not reveal him/her self to the other players. He/She is on the same 'side' as the plebs, and is determined to kill all the mafia. The Assassin is also given the opportunity at the end of each round to kill one person that they believe is a mafia.

Each round consists of:
1) A town meeting (a vote): everyone talks with each other, and everyone tries to suss out who is who, and then votes. Here, the mafia ultimately try to sway the voting to vote out all the plebs one by one. The plebs try to form their allies here and, together with the assassin, must decode the true meaning behind people's words.
2) A night time (Assassin target): whilst the town is 'sleeping', the assassin will kill someone off at night, someone who they think is the mafia.

The entire game is quite confusing when read like this, but feel free to email me at any time if you have any questions: here, with 'Mafia' in the subject line.

I want to play! Is this you? Then read on!

1. Firstly, join the community.
2. Comment to this post with a YES in the subject header and the following form:

(All comments are screened, so you won't know who you are playing with until the game begins.)
3. Wait until you hear from me!

The game will only being once I have a sufficient number of players.

Hope to hear from you!

Your host,
Lindy (inandout_obk)
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